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APT Medical: Superior Coronary Catheter Solutions for Optimal Performance

Coronary catheters play a vital role in interventional cardiology procedures, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of various cardiovascular conditions. APT Medical, a leading brand in the medical devices industry, offers a range of high-quality catheters, including the March™ Guiding Catheter. With its exceptional features and cutting-edge design, APT Medical’s March™ Guiding Catheter ensures successful and seamless procedures for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Leading with the March™ Guiding Catheter

Owing to unique braided structure and polymer material composition, March™ Guiding Catheter, developed by APT Medical, combines superior torqueability and enhanced back-up support. This innovative design allows for optimal kink resistance, improved torque response, ensuring premium performance during procedures.

Soft and Atraumatic Tip

Ensuring patient safety is of utmost importance, which is why the March™ Guiding Catheter features a soft and atraumatic tip. By reducing the layers in the tip, this catheter ensures a gentle touch during manipulation, minimizing potential trauma to the patient.

Large Lumen Design

With its flat wire braided structure, the March™ Guiding Catheter offers a larger lumen. This allows for a smooth and compatible pathway for the insertion of multiple devices, enabling medical professionals to perform complex procedures with ease and efficiency.

Multi-segment Design

The catheter’s multi-segment design further enhances its performance. The stiff segment provides excellent torquability, facilitating quicker catheter positioning with minimal whipping. The co-axial segments ensure easier entrance of devices into the coronary artery, streamlining the overall procedure.


In conclusion, APT Medical’s March™ Guiding Catheter is a breakthrough product that provides superior performance and control during interventional cardiology procedures. With its exceptional features, such as optimal back-up support, soft and atraumatic tip, large lumen design, and multi-segment construction, this catheter offers enhanced efficacy and patient safety. Trust APT Medical and their innovative catheters to deliver excellence in cardiovascular intervention.

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