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Hanshow Nebular: Revolutionizing Retail with Advanced Electronic Shelf Labels

Hanshow Nebular sets a new standard in the world of electronic shelf labels (ESL). As the top-end digital price labels available in the market, Hanshow Nebular surpasses expectations with its industry-leading lifespan, functionality, and durability. With its unibody design and flexible ion battery, Nebular optimizes power consumption, extending its lifespan for up to 15 years.

Introducing Hanshow Nebular Lux – A Solar-Powered Innovation

Continuing their commitment to innovation, Hanshow introduces Nebular Lux, digital shelf edge label, the newest addition to the Nebular product line. Nebular Lux revolutionizes ESL technology with its solar-powered design. Equipped with a photovoltaic cell, this ESL uses natural and fluorescent light to recharge its small battery constantly. Nebular Lux’s one-sided LCD screen provides an efficient and visually stunning labeling solution, ensuring accurate and dynamic product displays.

Benefits to Retailers

Nebular ESLs offer a plethora of advantages that enhance retail operations and customer experiences.

  1. Lightning-Fast Updates for Speed and Accuracy

With Nebular, retailers can enjoy lightning-fast remote price updates, eliminating the need for manual price changes. This not only saves time but also ensures price accuracy between the label and the register, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

  1. Enhanced Customer Engagement and Product Display

Nebular ESLs provide retailers with the opportunity to provide more information to customers, accentuate promotions, and create vivid product displays. By leveraging the dynamic capabilities of Nebular, retailers can captivate customers and drive sales.

  1. Seamless System Upgrades and Cost Reduction

Hanshow understands the importance of keeping pace with evolving technologies. That’s why all models of Nebular ESLs support Over the Air (OTA) firmware upgrades, ensuring seamless updates as technology advances. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for paper price tags throughout the product’s lifespan, Nebular ESLs reduce costs and contribute to sustainability efforts.


Hanshow Nebular showcases the cutting-edge possibilities of electronic shelf labels. With its industry-leading lifespan, functionality, and durability, Nebular provides retailers with unparalleled advantages. The introduction of Nebular Lux, the solar-powered innovation, is a testament to Hanshow’s commitment to sustainable and efficient solutions.

Experience the speed, accuracy, and engagement that Nebular brings to retail operations. Embrace seamless system upgrades, cost reduction, and improved efficiency. Hanshow Nebular empowers retailers to create a more dynamic, engaging, and future-proof shopping experience for their customers.

Unlock the potential of ESL technology with Hanshow Nebular and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

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