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Shoot koi fish to get prizes is a game that has the power to destroy fish shooting games in general. By improving to keep up with trends and continuously upgrading features and rewards, this game has conquered fishermen with all the best things. Choosing New88 as a reliable destination to freely swim in the vast ocean, you will definitely not be disappointed in your trips.Shoot koi fish to get prizes.
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Understand how to shoot koi fish for prizes

Another name commonly used for games Shoot koi fish to get prizes is a koi fish hunting game. This type of game is simulated on the basis of fish shooting games in supermarkets or shopping centers. Present, Shoot koi fish to get prizes was present at New88 fish shooting and became the most classic game of all time.

Shoot koi fish to get prizes has appeared for a long time on online game portals in general and online bookmaker new88 in particular. This game attracts a large number of people and keeps them coming back thanks to countless superior features that other common forms of fish shooting games do not have.

When logging in and starting the hunt on the bottom of the vast ocean, bettors will receive a gift and the opportunity to redeem rewards depending on the ability to win. Besides, koi fish shooting is also known as an entertaining game with attractive betting scenes.

Tips for choosing a room to shoot koi fish for prizes to help you “win a hundred battles”

Once you have finished downloading the game to your smart device with an internet connection, please proceed to choose a room to start the hunt. The playing room will be chosen depending on your abilities, fishermen.

  • Civilian room: This is a room created for new fishermen who have just begun to “set sail” out to sea. The civilian room is suitable for players who want to practice, learn and improve their shooting techniques. Here, the betting requirement is very low so it will be suitable for those who have a “limited” amount of coins.
  • Gamer’s room: This is the level for those who have experience “hunting” fish. Betting level of the game room Shoot fish and exchange koi for prizes This will usually have high bets. Even higher than the civilian room and of course the bonus points will also be large. So be really confident in your skills before choosing.
  • Swordfish room: This room was created for the veteran fishermen in the fish hunting village. This place has the presence of the most boss species. Along with that, this room also has the highest bet level, the most attractive and super awesome rewards if you “defeat” the big boss at the end of each match.

Online game market with competitionThe fierceness of the bookmakers in the gaming industry has put New88 in a state of constant innovation and continuous improvement in all aspects. All with the hope of meeting the needs of gamers in the virtual world but with real value. And we, the online bookmaker new88 always fulfills its mission of bringing joyful and refreshing moments of rest to everyone.
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Choosing to come to new88, you will be able to freely immerse yourself in the vast ocean world with extremely vivid graphics technology and realistic 3D images. In Shoot koi fish to get prizes, bettors will feel like immersing themselves in the sea with dramatic hunts, promising to bring back valuable rewards.

Every photo, every piece of music is played extremely beautifully and catchy. Realistic sound with just enough volume for fishermen to be more excited for “hunts” in the middle of the sea. The music playing helps create a feeling of euphoria and relieve stress after a stressful day of work.

When downloading the game Shoot koi fish to get prizes About the device, its capacity is extremely light and will not cause the phone or computer to be heavy. That ensures your hunting goes as smoothly as possible.

Dream items at koi fish shooting for prizes

Shoot koi fish to get prizes owns an extremely attractive reward mechanism. The value you gain after each successful hunt is huge. At the same time, player information is absolutely confidential. Furthermore, the game has been licensed to operate legally, so it certainly will not affect the legality of any individual.

The marine life in this fish shooting game does not only stop at fish, but also includes many other types such as octopus, coral, squid, seal,… as well as weapons that will be equipped with different types of fish. State-of-the-art and suitable for all situations. Game rooms with attractive content and challenges are extremely interesting and dramatic, increasing special attraction for fishermen.

Shoot koi fish to get prizes Truly a place to experience and sublimate emotions for the betting community. In particular, choosing to come to the online bookmaker New88, you will freely immerse yourself in the vast ocean space as real as a dream. Hunts will be more realistic than ever, and the rewards will be as great as expected. Don’t wait, download the application now New88 Return to the computer to start the journey back to the sea.

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