What is Sam Loc? Best Tips for Playing Sam Loc at Bookie New88

For those of you who have extensive experience playing card games, you are no stranger to the card game. This is a game that has similarities with Southern Tien Len and that’s why many new players will sometimes get confused. So what is Sam Loc and how to play it? Let’s New886 Answer and learn effective tips for playing Sam Loc in the following article!

What is the card game Sam Loc?

Tien Len Mien Nam and Sam Loc have quite similar gameplay, although each game is still a bit different and has its own attractive features. Currently, this card game is very popular at online bookies because the gameplay is quite simple. So what exactly is ginseng that is so attractive?

Sam Loc card game is very popular in the North, previously appearing in many festivals and entertainment events of the people. During the fun holidays in the North, without ginseng and shrimp nests, the game seems incomplete. This is a spiritual dish not only for professional gamblers but also for the majority of people.

The biggest difference to distinguish between Sam Loc and Tien Len Southern is in the number of cards dealt. Even though they share the same standard 52-card joker deck, Sam Loc players will only be dealt 10 cards instead of 13 cards like Tien Tien.

Game rules and how to calculate New88 lottery points

If you are a beginner in card games, learn the rules of the game carefully because this is the first basic point for you to win. So what are the rules of Sam Loc and how are points calculated?

Let’s go firstNew88 Learn some commonly used terms in this card game:

  • Junk cards or odd cards are pieces that are left over and are odd pairs, they cannot be arranged into any pair or set.
  • Pair: is 2 cards of the same number and suit combined together. The exception is pairs of 2, which you can arrange as you like even if they are of different suit.
  • Sam or odd is a set of 3 cards with the same number.
  • Four of a kind is a set of 4 cards of common value.
  • The lobby or some places would be called vertical. This is a set of consecutive values ​​of 3 or more cards and must have the same value. A straight can be up to 9 or 10 cards long but this set is usually very rare. Usually, 3 to 5 card straights are the most common in cyclone

What is the order of cards in the cyclone? To be able to calculate favorable points, you must understand this. In the cyclone, the card with the lowest value is the 3 and the player who holds this card will have the right to play first. Then in ascending order from 4 to card A. Card 2 is the most powerful card and of course the 2nd quarter will also be the biggest quarter in the cyclone.

In the first game, whoever has the lowest card will play first and everyone will block their cards in counter-clockwise order. From the next game onwards, the person who finished first in the previous game will have the right to go first. After someone finishes first, the remaining players will compare scores with each other. One thing to especially note is that you absolutely must not let a 2 roll when playing Sam Loc (keep the 2 as the last card in your hand).

After knowing what the rules of playing Sam Loc are, many people are often surprised because this card game is not as difficult as imagined. This is the point that players like the most because there is no need to spend too much effort in reasoning or mental calculations like when playing poker or blackjack. However, to be able to win and earn profits when playing Sam Loc, you need to learn some special tips.
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Tips for playing the best Sam Loc card game

If you want to play Sam Loc really well, don’t miss the tips that New88 will guide you right here:

  • Play to remove the strings and sets to easily run the point. This is a wise way to play cards that experts often choose because it will limit the possibility of being caught by opponents.
  • Chop the Pig (card 2) as soon as the opponent plays an odd card and must remove the Pig before running out of cards to avoid rotting. However, you also need to have clever calculations to avoid playing the Pig too early, which will reduce the value of the deck.
  • Actively plan your playing strategy to suit the cards you own. You should prioritize playing the hall first, then the 3 cards and playing the last trash.


The above article is all the information and answers ofNew88 bookmaker about the questionWhat is ginseng cyclone? along with some suggestions to help you win easily when playing Sam Loc. Please follow our other articles to be updated with more interesting tips for playing card games.

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